Based in Brighton and Hove UK. We are a professionally equipped and spacious print studio providing facilities and expertise in screenprinting on paper and fabric, letterpress relief printing and photopolymer printmaking.

We are very proud of what we do and how we can help a diverse range of people achieve great results in printmaking. Click on the link to see just one of our recent projects.

As well as being a working studio run by artist Jane Sampson the workshop operates on an open access basis providing a place where artists, designers and members of the public can hire time in the workshop to use the equipment. 

Rates are 

£20.00 for a half day (screen, relief and etching presses)

£35.00 for a full day (screen, relief and etching presses)

£25.00 for a full day in the letterpress area.

Customers must be fully competent in their chosen medium to access the workshop unsupervised.

Or they can source technical expertise in order to develop their hands on printmaking skills. A team of professional artists is on hand to teach and inspire through one of our many courses, weekend workshops and taster days. We can also organise one to one teaching sessions for those who know what they are doing, but are a bit rusty. 

Courses can be booked via this site or by phone on 01273 691496

We also offer:

A bespoke cost effective print editioning service. In collaboration with Andy White at Handprint.

Inkspot can provide an unparalleled level of expertise, screen printing editions in either water or oil based inks on all manner of things, paper and board, wood, vinyl, metal, fabrics including T shirts, totes and t towels. You name it we will print on it. 

We also offer digital tuition, a positive printing service (up to A1) and a screen making service for those who want to print in their own studio, 

Contact Inkspot for details.

Phone: 01273 691496


Jane Sampson.

Jane is an artist and printmaker with a special interest in screenprinting and photographic imaging. Her unique style incorporates paint and pigment, collage and textiles. Her passion for printmaking is apparent in her practice and she promotes the use of printmaking as a graphic art form without boundaries.

She exhibits regularly in galleries and at art fairs all over the UK winning several awards and prizes for her work. Recently she has had exhibitions in the Netherlands and in Dubai. 

With a background in Fine Art, art history and commercial printing she is well known as a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. She has been passing on skills for over 25 years as a visiting lecturer in art schools all over South East England. 

Currently she works part time at Brighton University and teaches the occasional short residential course at Westdean College (the Edward James Foundation) and teaches many of the screenprinting courses run at Inkspot.

Andy White

Do you have a design idea that you need realized in print and don’t want to invest the time in printing it yourself?
Handprint offers is a friendly bespoke service. From artwork to the final hand pulled print using either environmentally friendly inks and papers or glorious oil based inks, glitters, fluorescents, metallics and foils on paper and board, wood, metal, plastic, leather and also T shirts, totes, tea towels etc.
Known in these parts as ‘the print wizard’ for his extraordinary encyclopedic knowledge of screen printing. Andy is the go to man if you want a high quality print job that shows off your individuality. 

Originally based in London Andy has worked with some of the best over the last 30 years. From museums (like the Design Museum) to art galleries (like the Whitechapel) and with individual graphic designers, illustrators and fine artists (the list is long). 

Andy specializes in printing short runs or special commissions for emerging and established artists, designers and illustrators.

Raphael Fox

Design competition winner (Cut & Paste 2-D & Adobe) Fox teaches digital prep for silkscreen and one day workshops in screenprinting. He is currently working on a series of documentary shorts for Channel Four.